*CrossFit classes are available at our 2215 Grand ave. location

CrossFit Class

Our CrossFit Class is one of our most prominent programs. This class is designed to challenge each individual with constantly varied, functional movements, while executing these movements at a high intensity. All CrossFit classes will include the structure of a warm up, a skill or strength section and a WOD (workout of the day). Every class will be taught with one of our certified CrossFit coaches and each class will allow any where from 5-20 athletes to attend.  Anyone can participate in this class because we provide scalable options to accommodate all skill levels and abilities. You will learn and perfect many different types of movements that will challenge all levels of your fitness ability.

Intro Class

Our introduction class is a one-day program created to help educate anyone who is trying CrossFit for the first time, or anyone who just wants more knowledge on the subject. This course covers topics such as: What is CrossFit, What is Fitness, What is Paleo and Zone, and Why are Sleep and Recovery so important. Individuals will also learn the basic movements performed in CrossFit, learn how to use equipment and also complete a WOD, to end the class. Don't be nervous! This class is very laid back and we want to help you learn!  Anyone is welcome to come try our introduction class for free!

*Please notify the Lift Athletics Staff 3 days in advance via email, phone, or at the front desk if you plan to attend the Intro Class. Thank you!

Open Gym

There's always something you can work on or practice. Stop in at any time besides Class Sessions to use certain equipment and work on whatever it is you may need, and our highly-trained coaches may even be able to assist you. There is no class structure; just an open gym to practice and develop.


For more information call 715-298-6700 or email liftathleticsrx@gmail.com