Affiliate Essay-By Korey Stern

Please provide us some background information on yourself:

Throughout life we are taught that our decisions are what ultimately determine our destiny. The constant pressure of social norms has a significant influence on the upbringing of millennials, myself included. It’s engrained in most of us at a young age that you should go to college, get a respectable degree and “work for the man.” In my opinion, this leads to status quo results reflecting the old adage that, “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.” That was far from the path that I ever set out on.

Although my journey started much like my peers, it changed in the blink of an eye. I joined the military during my first year of college. After my military training, I enrolled in classes where I spent the majority of my college career on both military orders and being a full-time student, while still enjoying myself as most college students do. During my junior year of college my father passed away which ultimately raised the threshold of struggles and challenges that I could personally handle. The evening of my father’s passing I was a 21-year- old airman, full-time student, and owned a handful of apartments. I soon took custody of my seventeen-year- old brother and became the CEO of my father’s companies while also serving as the executor of his estate. Military personnel pride themselves on the ability to press on and keep moving. I see it day in and day out with people constantly faltering, hung-up on the past, and not realizing that we only have control of the present and future.

All of these experiences have led me to where I am today.  To this day I have no regrets; I was able to graduate from the University of Minnesota (on-time), spent 7 years in the Air Force and have closed over $30,000,000 in business deals that I’ve personally retained. Many of my core values were instilled in me through my own personal journey, and no matter what is thrown at me, “I will not falter; I will not fail.” (Airman’s Creed)

I will leave you with three excerpts from an article that was written about me several months ago:


All along, Stern has been guided by a quote about the value of walking your own path,

taking sound risks and learning from temporary failures: “It’s not where you’re going.

It’s what you’re willing to give up to get there.”

“One of my biggest pet peeves is complacency. I personally think that is the reason for

the vast majority of people’s failures,” he says.

“Some people just get accustomed to their routines and never divert. But if you are trying

to become something else, then you need to take that risk.”


Explain what CrossFit means to you, why you want to become a CrossFit affiliate, and what you want to achieve as an affiliate.

More often than not I find myself telling people that time is the one commodity we cannot buy more of and health is the only thing you have when you lose all tangible assets. I believe these align perfectly with CrossFit. In my mind, CrossFit has set out to eliminate all complacency within a stagnate society. I remember walking into my first CrossFit class thinking it was going to be tranquil, but that sure changed fast. Next thing I know the workout was over and I was staring at the ceiling in a pool of sweat. I spent the last decade consistently training in the conventional gym, albeit leisurely, but still managed to build a solid, healthy physique. I never realized until CrossFit that I wasn’t pushing my body to its full potential. Everything was done at my own pace which oftentimes kept me in my comfort zone, but in hindsight, I wasted a lot of time. We all know hindsight is 20/20 but instead of dwelling on the past I set my sights forward and on new goals. Of course I wish I would’ve started CrossFit a decade ago, I’m sure everyone does once they start. I am convinced CrossFit is the best decision for me moving forward and want to share this positive experience with as many people as I can.

CrossFit impacts so many lives not only because of the results it yields but with the community that it builds. Everyone is connected through the pain and suffering of pushing their mental and physical abilities to the threshold day in and day out. To me it’s not only what happens in the box, it’s also about the influence your box has on the outside community. More times than not people are so focused on things that are happening around them, I like to call them “arm’s length interactions” when in reality they should be focusing on the bigger picture. I’ve accepted the fact that I am not going to change the world, but I know I have the ability to change the community around me which can be seen in my previous track record in the business industry. It is my turn to give back to the community that has given me so much. I will provide my community with a box that is transparent, founded on the principles of fitness, community, accountability, and integrity.

At 28, I’ve been putting it all on the line and now it’s time to put it all on the line to change lives one day at a time. So many things are neglected in today’s world, which causes constant strain on the American culture. Type 2 diabetes is at an all-time high, healthy foods are out of reach for the less fortunate, and people are at a standstill with their self-doubt. CrossFit provides a healthy start to combating these difficulties. It educates individuals on the often neglected knowledge of what’s important to us, our health, fitness, well-being etc. Personally, CrossFit has given me the opportunity to work on my health and stay focused on the end result which is my overall well-being. Whether it be physical or personal confidence, it has made me a well-rounded individual and overall a better person. I couldn’t be happier with where CrossFit has landed me! Every day I aspire is to be bigger, faster and stronger than the days before, because those days are behind us and we only have control of what’s in front of us.