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LIFT strives to provide the best team of trainers and staff in the Wausau area. Of the many differences we’re proud of, the caliber of our coaching staff sits at the top of the list.  We operate on the premise that our employees are professional coaches who see their work with LIFT as a passion and career. This comes back to you, the member, in the form of a coaching staff that is deeply committed to every single individual that walks through the door!

Our Team


Brook Haakenson

Bachelor of Science-Recreation Management

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


Brook, born and raised in Antigo, WI continued her education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Management. From a young age, she loved and participated in sports, including basketball, volleyball, and track. In college, her love for fitness developed into a passion for reaching personal goals and treated working out like a second job that she was highly committed to. What really brings her joy though, is being able to help others reach their fitness goals. Prior to becoming a manager at LIFT, she was a Personal Trainer and Club Director at Anytime Fitness in Antigo, WI. It was there that she fell in love with working in a gym environment and surrounding herself with people working to reach similar goals. There is no better feeling than being part of a community where all different types of people come together to work hard, achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and have life-changing moments. At LIFT, they strive for this type of community, and there was no way Brook was going to miss out on being a part of the Lift Crew. If you can't find Brook working out at LIFT, you can probably find her playing basketball, rollerblading, playing guitar or piano, or at her Grandparents' farm helping with chores and spending time with family. Work hard for what you want in life, spend time with family, and thank God every day for the opportunity to inspire others and leave a positive impact on the world around you.


My big dreams include being a witness to all of our LIFT Members' achievements, competing in fitness-related sports, and continuing to reach new goals by becoming stronger every day. 

Fun Facts:

Favorite cheat meal?  Close tie between cheese curds, pizza, and froyo topped with any and every kind of chocolate candy

Favorite exercise?  Love/Hate relationship with squats and deadlifts

Least favorite exercise? Long distance running and burpees

If you could be any animal, what would you be, and why? Definitely a puppy. Everyone loves puppies, they have lots of energy and still look cute when they wake up from naps

Favorite quote?  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  -Phillipians 4:13

Contact brook

Phone: 715-298-6700



ExpertRating Personal Trainer


Kyle geiger

Bachelor of Science-Kinesiology/Human Performance


Kyle, an Antigo, WI native, has always been an advocate for health and fitness. Growing up he played a multitude of sports including hockey, football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. In his high school years he played four years of varsity hockey, and three years of varsity football where he earned a total of five all-conference awards (two football, three hockey) and one all-state (hockey) award. After graduating high school in 2011 he went on to earn a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in the field of Kinesiology/Human Performance in December of 2015. While at UW-Eau Claire, Kyle played two years of competitive hockey and went on to win the WCCHA championship in 2015. To add, Kyle has had the opportunity to work with athletes of all ages while coaching at hockey camps and while taking on positions of personal training and team strength coaching. Through athletics, his past job positions, and his studies at UW-Eau Claire, he has developed a fascination with the human body and how it works as well as an extensive knowledge and passion for exercise. He has worked with and developed programs for individuals of all walks of life along the way. As a health and fitness professional he is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals whether they be in sport or in life. He is dedicated to give all individuals the tools they need to take on a fit and healthy lifestyle. If you can’t find Kyle coaching or training you can find him enjoying the outdoors, mountain biking, playing hockey, or hanging out with friends and family.


Kyle has full intentions of attending graduate school and earning a PH.D in physical therapy. He hopes to one day become a sports medicine physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach with collegiate or professional athletes while continuing to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Fun Facts:

Favorite cheat meal?  Anything from Taco Bell

Favorite exercise?  Cleans (squat clean, power clean)

Least favorite exercise?  Running..

If you could be any animal what would you be, and why?  Great White Shark, nobody messes with a Great White Shark

Favorite quote?  “If you have a body, you are an athlete”


Phone: 715-216-2279


CF-L1 Trainer


ExpertRating Personal Trainer

ExpertRating Sports Nutrition


Rosie nin0

Criminal Justice Academy Graduate


Rosie was born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida. Throughout high school she began a fit lifestyle through cheerleading. After high school, she continued her education by graduating from Criminal Justice Academy and also went to Flagler College to obtain her Personal Training Certificate. Rosie has had extensive experience with fitness, especially after she competed in NPC bikini competitions. These experiences have allowed her to be a very knowledgeable about exercise and training. Rosie loves nothing more than being able to help others reach their goals. Seeing other people succeed makes her just as happy as seeing herself succeed. Not only does she love exercising and doing CrossFit, she also enjoys being outdoors, hanging with her dogs and goat kids, and playing in the water. She lives by the motto, "love God, love family, and love the lost." It is impossible to fail, as long as you never quit. Accumulate experiences, not processions.


Everyone has goals, whether it be big or small, short or long-term. My goal is a lifetime standard. If I can make one person's day every day, I have achieved my goal!

Fun Facts:

Favorite cheat meal?  Depends on the day and what I'm lacking. Maybe a whole bag of pepridge farms double chocolate chip cookies, or maybe an entire pizza! 

Favorite exercise?  All things METCON! Plus a sprinkle of snatching

Least favorite exercise?  I'm short, so I don't love rowing or wall balls

If you could be any animal, what would you be, and why?  A giraffe. I'd need to over compensate for my little life!

Favorite quote?  "Either you run the day or the day runs you" -Jim Rohn


Phone: 904-466-3895


ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

CF-L1 Trainer





Bachelor of Science-Business Administration

Bachelor of Science-Economics


Chris was born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin. Early in his high school years, he became very interested in everything related to physical fitness. It all started with a rusty old bench press and a curl bar in his parent’s garage. Throughout high school and college this interest continued, eventually leading into becoming a certified personal trainer. "When I look at exercise and fitness, I don’t see it as something I have to do but as a part of my life. That being said, the only way I believe a person will see results is through proper diet and hard work. There is no way around that. This is how I go about training my clients, my class, and myself. It is a no nonsense approach but is effective." Chris has personally competed in multiple 5ks and weight lifting events. He placed in the top 1% of Tough Mudder Minnesota as well. Through the combination of weight training, cardio conditioning, and a healthy diet, he can help you achieve your goals.


I have found my passion in life. I love what I do and the people I help. I wish to continue helping people achieve what they didn’t think was possible.

Fun Facts:

Favorite cheat meal?  I personally have a sweet tooth. Nothing can top chocolate covered moose track ice cream!

Favorite exercise?  The original big 3 are my favorites, bench press, squat, and deadlift. I may be partial to deadlifts.

Least favorite exercise?  Although they are an awesome full body exercise and my class is known for them…burpees!

If you could be any animal, what it would be, and why?  

A falcon. Swift, agile, and who wouldn’t want to be able to fly!

Favorite quote?  “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life.” –Rocky


Phone: 715-432- 9025