Personal Training

At LIFT, we believe in providing you with all the right tools and resources you need to reach your goals, including our highly experienced personal trainers. Our trainers have years of experience, are well-known in the training industry and are guaranteed to help you succeed in reaching your goals. Not certain you need a personal trainer? Here are just a few reasons you should consider training with one of our LIFT Trainers.

ACCOUNTABILITY & MOTIVATION- Our trainers are experts at holding you accountable. With a set, paid appointment, your trainer will be here at the gym, ready and counting on you to show up. They will help you develop your own personalized goals by developing a realistic and achievable plan to attain these goals. Our LIFT Trainers will believe in you even when you are feeling at your lowest and don’t believe in yourself.

DEVELOP A ROUTINE- Our trainers are educated on the most effective ways to help you reach your goals. They will work with you to develop a routine that is realistic for specifically you. They  will figure out where your fitness capability is at and will maximize your time in the gym, while not overwhelming you. They will help you to develop an exercise routine that will lead you to achieving your personal goals.

PERSPECTIVES & IDEAS ON HEALTH, NUTRITION, AND FITNESS- There is an overwhelming amount of fitness, nutrition, and health information out there. It is impossible for the average person to have time to look through this information for what is most valid, accurate and up to date. Our trainers to stay on top of health trends and continue their education in order to provide you with the safest and most accurate information in the industry. We care about your health and will hold you accountable to taking care of yourself.

SUPPORT- Our trainers care about you and your success. Your trainer will be there. Each hour you spend with your trainer is an hour to focus on you! They will provide you with feedback to help you better yourself and achieve your goals. Most importantly, the trainer is able to do this without making you feel inadequate or judged. We have all gone into the gym and worried about what we look like doing an exercise or compared ourselves to someone else. Our trainers help you to see all of your successes.

PROPER TECHNIQUE & FORM- It is very easy to hurt yourself in the gym. Our trainers pay attention to help you achieve your goals more quickly by making sure you are doing each exercise correctly. They can help you develop better running form, improve your posture, and increase your strength by teaching you to recruit the proper muscles and making a mind body connection. Our trainers will hold you accountable to proper form and technique!

SPORTS SPECIFIC TRAINING- Even a recreational athlete can get better at their sport. Our trainers have studied body patterns and movements and they know the best exercises to help you develop strength, endurance, speed, and agility for your sport. A trainer will know if you have been keeping up your routine and will hold you accountable to the sports specific exercises in your program to better you as an athlete.

MAXIMIZE WORKOUT/MINIMIZE TIME- You will burn more calories in less time when working with a trainer. A trainer develops a program that is efficient and allows you to get the most in, in the shortest amount of time. Time does not need to be lost at the gym. If you are finding it hard to find time to workout, not only will a trainer help you to get the most out of your work out, but they will teach you how you can do that on your own. Each week trainers will follow up to see if you achieved our workout goals for the week, holding you accountable to exercise on your own time and make tweaks to the program to help you be successful!

PERSONALIZED PROGRAM- Our trainers will develop a program that is specific to you and your goals. If you have an injury, if you want lose weight, put on muscle mass, tone, or have lower back pain, etc.. The program will be specific to you as your trainer will take the time to develop a specific program just for you, and then teach it to you.

RESULTS- Working with our trainers will allow you to achieve the results that you cannot achieve on your own. Our trainers will stop at nothing to make sure you reach your goals.


1 Session: $60/hour

10 Sessions: $50/hour

20 Sessions: $45/hour

All half-hour sessions: $35/half-hour

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